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Happy Veganuary from VLL

Whether you are embarking on or simply just thinking about it.. Veganism is a wonderful journey!
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Woohoo! Going vegan is one of the best decisions you can make..

We know that transitioning to a vegan lifestyle can be tricky; we want to lend a helping hand wherever possible. Whether that is a chocolate cake recipe to satisfy your sweet cravings or advice on which restaurant is the best for eating out as a vegan.

What is veganism?

The Basics:

Milk substitutes

If there is one thing we all share; it is a love of plant-based milk. There is simply so much choice! The industry is expected to reach a whopping £12billion this year.

The best plant-based milk, according to our community forums, is Oatly Barista.


We have tested this milk and the results are nothing but positive. We would say, that it doesn’t necessarily have to be the ‘barista’ edition and that you are more likely to find standard oat milk.

Our personal favourite is actually Alpro Cashew Milk. We found this plant-based milk to be creamy, delicious and great in all kinds of cooking (both sweet and savoury).

Butter Substitutes

In our tests, we found that Flora’s Freedom butter alternative should be your go-to butter replacement.


This butter from Flora is totally vegan and contains 60% less saturated fat than standard butter. We liked the fact that this product did not overpower – when used in baking, it was great for cakes as other vegan butters tended to be too strong.


The most popular flavour in the world, chocolate is something many people hold dear to their hearts. It seems that many people believe that veganism is without this wondrous treat.

Hold of judgement just yet.. Booja Booja is not only some of the best vegan chocolate, but possibly some of the best chocolate full stop.


They also make ice cream.. We have yet to pass judgement, but rest assured we are eagerly waiting after tasting there chocolate truffles.

Ice Cream

Two words, Ben and Jerrys.. Okay, three word.


Do we have to say much more? Well, maybe a little.. Towards the end of 2017, Ben and Jerrys brought out three non-dairy flavours of their amazing ice creams. However, be warned, they are on the pricey side. Each tub will set you back close to £6.

We must express that we have not accepted any of these products free of charge. We went out and bought these from our local supermarket with our own money.

Go Vegan.pngWhy vegan and not just vegetarian?

Turning your back on a life of Carnism has to be applauded, whether that be vegetarianism, pescetarianism or full veganism, reducing your impact is incredible!

Vegetarianism is not without it’s downsides however. By consuming eggs, dairy and other products which come from animals, you are supporting the very same industry. Your hard-earned cash is supporting an industry which has been shown to mistreat, tortures and kills innocent beings.

Also, you are missing out on the health benefits of a plant-based diet. By consuming a vegetarian diet, you are still putting these horrid foods into your body.

Cheese is full of saturated fat and instigates weight gain. As well as this, it is terrible for your cardiovascular system and your cholesterol levels. Cheese contains sodium, when consumed in excess, sodium can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, weak bones, strokes and heart attacks.

Some cheeses are made with rennet, making it inhumane. Rennet is made with enzymes found in the lining of calves stomachs. The calves must be very young when the enzyme is harvested and unfortunately, in many regions this means slaughtering the calves.

Cow’s Milk definitely isn’t great for you, but it’s hella worse for the cow. In multiple studies, milk was linked to an increased occurrence and severity of acne in both male and female patients.

Certain studies have shown that the consumption of cow’s milk is directly linked with the increased risk of prostate cancer; where vegan lifestyles have been shown to reduce this.

Check out what veganism means to ordinary vegans like you and me.


We have interviewed a few people we believe to be influential in the vegan community: YouTube stars such as Lauren Toyota from hot for food to world famous chefs such as Jean-Christian Jury.

You can find our Vegan personality section here.




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