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What does Veganism mean to you?

We are all unique and we are all making somewhat individual decisions every single day. Veganism may be one these for you.. if you are reading this then you are at the very least toying with the idea.

Personally, I became Vegan a few years ago because I believed it was the healthier choice. I was pescatarian at the time, so the transition was a little less extreme than those moving away from the other end of the spectrum.

In the past my diet was entirely revolving around meat and dairy. I used to look at my friend Martin (who was the only vegan I knew 10 years ago) and ask him:

“How on earth do you survive?” & “What do you even eat?”

Questions I am sure so many vegans have heard at least once or twice before. My concept of a vegan lifestyle was so far from the truth. I had this distorted belief that veganism was a stripped down diet, an extremist idyll that made no sense to me. Man, was i wrong but did not know it.

By taking away meat, fish and dairy it reignited my interest in cooking. I found myself gradually steering away from any kind of prepared foods and making everything from scratch. Not to mention my intake of fruit and vegetables increased dramatically.

My food had gone from beige mono-tonal to a glorious colour gamut of fresh produce. Veganism to me represents so much more than this now. Over time you immerse yourself in it’s rewards and discover that this is the only lifestyle that promotes entirely positive results. It’s good for your health [if you do it right] it’s food for your planet and it’s good for your fellow animals.

Green leaf.jpeg

I wanted to find out what veganism meant to others. I set out to ask every day vegans: What does Veganism mean to you? Here are my results.




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