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Marie Laforêt, “Vegan Queen” of France

Writer of France's no.1 vegan cookbook "Vegan Bible"
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In 2009. I was vegetarian for more then a year and going vegan seems the right thing to do for the animals.
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One of the major influences was Colleen Patrick-Gourdreau. I listened to her amazing « Food for thought » podcast the summer I decided to go vegan, and it was one of the episodes, focusing on dairy cows that was the turning point : I couldn’t participate to the exploitation of animals anymore.
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I am a photographer (have been for ten years), a cookbook author ( 17 to this day!) and vegan food consultant.
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Fun fact : my name – Marie Laforêt- has a famous homonymous in France. But I decided to go by my real name anyway when publishing my first cookbook (my last name means « the forest » and I think its a really nice name). I regularly encounter with some disappointed fans of my homonymous at book fairs, and can introduce veganism to them, so it’s fun.
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Try to understand how light works, train your eyes to « see » the light, how it moves, how it reacts with textures and material and how you can change the light with diffusers or reflectors. Food props skills and composition skills can help a lot to make a beautiful picture but working the light is the real work of a photographer. All of this will come with shooting a lot. Also, have fun!
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If I had one hour before the world ends I’m not sure I’ll be cooking. I will spend time hugging the ones I love instead.
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I could tell you I will invite famous or important people, but to be honest, I think I would invite passed and missed relatives, including my loved cat who passed away years ago, just to enjoy their company.
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Being vegan is the practical application of my antispecism. It is living without exploiting the animals.
On a personnel level it has been a turning point in my life, and made me feel closer to my core values.
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Veganism is not about restrictions, it’s about embracing a new way of life, so enjoy, try new things, have fun, and find what works for you. You don’t like soy milk, no big deal, try almond milk ! The possibilities are almost endless in the plant-based food world. Meet other vegans, join a vegan group or an organisation. If you feel you want to get involve in promoting animal rights or veganism, do it. If you don’t that’s ok too.

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