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32/100 The Green Rocket Cafe, Bath UK

How does our review system work? Every place we visit starts off with a base score of 100. They earn points and lose points based on various factors such as menu availability, staff interaction, time delays, communication, attention to detail etc. There is no set criteria a business must meet; we enable the performance and experience to occur naturally and without prompt. This gives every restaurant and café the same opportunity to provide their own version of a dining experience. In turn we believe this to be the fairest score system in order to draw comparison.

We wish we could provide a completely positive review.. We feel this way every time we visit a vegetarian/vegan cafe or restaurant.. We want to support all establishments who support the vegan community.. However, we have an obligation to our readers to be open and honest about our experiences. Without further adieu, here is our review of The Green Rocket Cafe, Bath.

We reached out to The Green Rocket Cafe in order to let them know that we would be reviewing their establishment, along with Acorn Kitchen. Unfortunately, neither took the time to reply.

Our team love both of these places! Based in Bristol, we are spoilt with great Vegan choices to eat out. All of us here have been to both Green Rocket and Acorn, numerous times – it seemed only fitting that we now go with our press hats on, metaphorically speaking.

Let’s jump in to our experience at The Green Rocket Cafe

My review partner and I walked in, unfortunately we were not greeted at the door. This would normally be a big loss in points, but a waitress soon realised and apologised once she had seen we were waiting for a couple of minutes.


We were shown to a table and given a menu to read. Unfortunately the table was dirty and it seemed that nobody had noticed as it stayed that way for the duration of our visit. The table was also very unstable, which the waitress did notice as we were rocking the table trying to find something to stabilise it. Attention to detail is important, we can forgive the odd wonky table, but dirty tables should be taken care of.

  Dirty table MINUS 5pts  95/100

Wonky table MINUS 2pts  92/100

After a few minutes we had decided that we HAD to try their GF Vegan Onion Rings. We also loved the sound of their Vegan curry. However, both of these options were unavailable.

MINUS 5pts  87/100

**note** this is the third time in a row that the onion rings have been unavailable. 

We were undeterred as Green Rocket have so many vegan options. We decided to go for their Falafel Sandwich with a side of GF Sweet Potato Fries and their General Tso’s Broccoli and Tofu Stir Fry with Jasmine Rice.

We did want their rice burger as it has always been so good. However, we asked if we could substitute the burger bun for the Gluten Free Option. But after asking, the GFO was not vegan friendly unfortunately. We asked if we could have brown or granary instead but this was not possible for some reason? Lack of flexibility like this is confusing.

Lack of menu knowledge, lack of flexibility MINUS 5pts  82/100

We had been offered water when we had ordered our hot chocolates, which is great. However, as the waitress placed the glasses on our table, her hands gripped the glasses from the top, touching the rims of the glasses with her hands. This may sound panickety, but this is a huge no! When training teams across the globe, we cover this on day one. Simply put, it’s not hygienic and you just do not know where your servers hands have been. It’s also easily avoidable; we always ask our teams to remember that the top 50% of the glass belongs to the customer.

Touching the rim of the customers glass MINUS 10pts  72/100

Let’s get some positive notes in here, we prefer the positives 🙂

The general décor is great; green olive painted shutters, colander light shades and rustic styled tables. The sign-writing skills are on point also! The art on the walls seemed to be from local artists, which is such a great plus for us and many others.

Local Artwork PLUS 5pts  79/100

Great Styling and Décor PLUS 10pts  89/100

Whilst looking around at the surroundings and décor, we couldn’t help but notice how a fellow customer was being served. A lady, in her 20’s came in and sat at a table, nobody came to greet her for several minutes. By this point she went to find a member of the Green Rocket team. When they came to the table, it seemed as though they were being a little short with the customer. She had to ask them for a menu, they returned with a menu and then walked away. The lady then had to call them back and ask if she could order a coffee. She wrote the order down and walked away, seemed highly distracted. The customer had to say “I’m sorry to bother you, but could I ask you about the menu you’ve just given me?”. The waitress came across bothered, which is not very professional. The customer asked what the soup of the day was, after answering the server walked away immediately. We could see that the lady was waiting to order, she had to call the waitress back so many times and then again finally to order.

This is a real shame to see. The seating area is somewhat intimate, so you can’t help but rub elbows with your fellow diners. This meant that we were not the only ones to witness this poor service style.

Very poor service to fellow customers  MINUS 10pts  79/100

Now for the food..

Falafel SW Green Rocket Bath edit.jpeg

The falafel sandwich looked great, but it did seem a little odd that the pesto sauce was poured under the sandwich. This resulted in the sandwich becoming a little oily, not ideal when you want to eat with your hands.

Good Presentation  PLUS 5pts  84/100

Style ruining the substance  MINUS 5pts  79/100

How did it taste? The ingredients alone were okay. But together, the culmination was unusually dry for a sandwich why had vegan mayo and tomato inside. Unfortunately the sandwich was bland, dry and severely under seasoned. This paired with oily bread made for a disappointing sandwich experience. A real shame, we love falafel!

In the end, we added the sweet potato fries into the sandwich – throwback to school days, when we would add crisps into our sandwiches. This really improved the sandwich, if only for the salt, texture and moisture.

The salad which came with the sandwich looked great, but was so overpowered by dill.

Overall poor execution MINUS 20pts  59/100

Sweet Potato Fries saving the day  PLUS 3pts  62/100

Tofu Stir Fry Green Rocket Bath 2.jpeg
General Tso’s Broccoli and Tofu Stir Fry

Here to save the day! We were so keen to see the positives from Green Rocket Cafe, and here we have it..

This dish was delicious. The rice was perfectly cooked and fluffy; the presentation was inviting and well executed. It was simple but delicious and everything you would expect from broccoli and tofu stir fry.

Delicious Stir Fry  PLUS 15pts  77/100

Now, we did not get to taste this meal for a couple of minutes as we had no cutlery, rookie error!

MINUS 5pts  72/100

When the food arrived, the waitress’ thumb was touching the food, nobody wants another persons thumb in their food, another rook error!

MINUS 10pts  62/100

We had tried to get the waitress’ attention a few times as we were hoping to get some sauces to go with the sweet potato fries and the sandwich. We also wanted to order some more drinks, but they seemed to not acknowledge this. It didn’t feel like they were being rude, but more as though they were uninterested now we had our food.

MINUS 5pts  57/100

No check-back once we had our meals. This is another rookie error; we teach our teams to focus on this from day one. So many problems can be resolved at this point and it is just enough to let your customer know that you care.

MINUS 10pts  47/100

We finished our meals and were feeling really enticed by the desserts board, they had plenty of vegan and GF offers. If we were not reviewing, we would have gone to the counter to order for sure. However, we have a rule when reviewing, only order extras when offered. This looks at how the business upsells, it tells you how driven they are and how they go about this procedure tells a lot about the behind the scenes.

We had finished our meals for a good ten minutes now. Counting the times a member of their team walked past and saw our empty plates and eager dessert faces. Six. Six times we noted a member of their team look at our table and not remove the plates or ask us if we wanted anything else. This is another shame, we were keen for more. We wanted them to take our money and win us over with a tasty treat, scope for more points in our eyes. Who doesn’t love a dessert??

Lack of attention and drive MINUS 15pts  32/100


We have always had a love affair with The Green Rocket Cafe in Bath. Our team loves their burger and their team are [usually] always really helpful and friendly. We have to remain impartial to the experience for our review however.

It seems as though they have become a little sloppy. The first customer is just as important as the last, and during this experience we did not get this impression.

It used to be better; we are optimistic it will return to that level and we are always happy to return for a followup review.



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Feature photo credit: Green Rocket Cafe







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