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Why You Need More Of This Crazy Root In Your Life

Gingers wacky sunset cousin: Turmeric.

Latin Name   Curcuma longa 

Country of Origin   Southeast Asia

Although there is no clinical evidence to support the beliefs of ‘mother’s wisdom’ that is turmeric, modern medicine does recognise it’s benefits. Turmeric has gained it’s place amongst the health boosting elite within Asian home cooking and should become an integral spice on your shelf.

It’s not difficult to see why, there are just so many benefits and so many uses…

Benefits include:

  • Brain Boosting
  • Helpful for those with arthritis
  • Inflammation fighter
  • Antioxidant
  • Heart helper
  • Studies suggest it’s helpful for those with diabetes and even cancer

So, if you’re thinking what on earth can I make with this amazing root, here’s the answer:

Number One: There’s always time for a super smoothie!

Berry Smoothie 1
One scrumptious berry smoothie with secret turmeric..

Here’s the recipe: Super-Scrumptious Super-Smoothie Recipe

Number Two: Turmeric Tea

Tea Bags
Pukka Herbs do a wonderful tea containing turmeric, they call it ‘turmeric gold’

If you are looking for something easier on the pocket and closer to that winter homemade feel, check out our recipe:

Quick and Easy Turmeric Golden Tea

Number Three: Sunset Lemonade

Lemons 1
Fresh and simple lemonade with a sprinkle of turmeric and black pepper

A refreshing and healthy use of turmeric for any occasion, find the recipe just here:

Sunset Lemonade

Number Four: Turmeric Mojito 

Mojito 1
Who knew that rum and turmeric would suit so well..

Our turmeric inspired ‘Mojitu’ holds it own at any cocktail party:

Mojitu.. [rmeric]

Number Five: Pre-Workout Protein Shake

workout 1
Monday Morning: Gym Time: Vegan Pre-Workout Shake

You need something quick and healthy before your workout – that isn’t from a plastic container of protein. We stumbled across this hella tasty protein shake and want to share the recipe with you!

Vegan Pre-Workout Shake

There are a few things your must understand when using turmeric in your diet..

Some websites suggest that you should be using turmeric for medicinal purposes if you are either pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Also, there are a few references to turmeric and it’s uses with hair removal. In contradiction there are also articles which suggest it is good for hair health and anti-dandruff. We would suggest that if you are concerned, perhaps avoid!

Disclaimer: If you have health problems, we suggest talking to your doctor before using turmeric in your cooking or as part of your natural medicine cabinet. We are not health professionals and do not offer advice in such a capacity. In doubt, always consult your GP.


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