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THIS is the Macbook Pro case you’ve been looking for!

Don’t waste any more time pouring through Amazon and google searches, trying to find the perfect protection for your beloved devices – this is it!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

We are spending more and more time on our devices; whether that is a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, chances are you have a certain amount of attachment to your screen.

There is a little more to finding a decent case or vinyl or protective skin than you would originally imagine. It’s not as simple as a trip to Amazon to find a great looking, easy to apply and more environmentally friendly case. We spent hours and hours talking to designers and manufacturers to find the absolute gem that is WOODWE.

We had the absolute pleasure of reviewing one of their real wood covers back in 2017, we liked it then, we love it now!

The packaging has become more and more environmentally friendly over time, removing the plastic from the externals in favour of full recyclable cardboard.
Beautiful design language is clear from the moment you receive your macbook skin.
The little touches which make the biggest difference.
Our freshly applied new WoodWe skin looks impeccable from all angles.
Precision manufacturing ensures all vents remain uncovered, with easy access to the lower casing screws.

How do we score WoodWe Walnut Macbook Pro Cover?

9/10 Design: A beautiful, real-wood design - nature lends a hand on this
10/10 Fit: Precision engineering at its finest, you will not be disappointed by the fit of this cover.
7/10 Protection: Protection for the top and bottom of your device, but no coverage on the sides.
10/10 Service: A company that cares, WoodWe want you to be truly happy with their products.
8/10 Price: You get what you pay for, but you are paying the price for quality.

Overall Conclusion

We have a true appreciation for this brand. Built with all the right areas in mind, WoodWe focus on delivering mould breaking products which work together which nature, with true harmony.

One can say with unbiased authority, that this is the most eye-catching cover we have ever reviewed; it’s a product which never fails to get a compliment. Earlier today I was sat in a coffee shop window, just catching up on some work (any chance to get out of the home office) – almost every passer by was staring at the back of my macbook. In the space of 90 minutes I must have had 20 comments on how cool the case was and the standard ‘hey, where’d you get that?’.

Would we recommend this product, hell yeah!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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