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Vegan Guide: Wilderness Festival 2019

Season Nine Awaits!

This year’s guide to embracing plant-based at Wilderness Festival; an incredible array of vendors offering mouth-watering vegan goodness!

In the top tier, both Angela Hartnett’s Café Murano and Petersham Nurseries have advertised vegan options to their incredible menus. This is an area of the festival sure to promise a real indulgence in plant-based cuisine.

We are thrilled to be returning to the Oxfordshire countryside and Wilderness festival for the fifth consecutive year. We have planned a new menu which has been inspired by nature and is full of Italian flavours and fresh seasonal produce. Our florists are excited about creating yet another dramatically wild floral display, which will fit perfectly within this beautiful natural setting.

Lara Boglione, Petersham Nurseries.
Club Mexicana credit:

Club Mexicana (in their 3rd year) are moving from street food trader to The Dining Room. Having led the way in vegan street food in previous years, this time they have a counter in The Dining Room, where they line up alongside some of London’s hottest young restaurants.

Eat Chay, credit:

Eat Chay serves up indulgent vegan food with a Vietnamese and Korean twist. They use exciting new ingredients to re-create classic East Asian dishes, without the use of animal products, keeping intact all the flavours that take you right back to East Asia.

Arancini Brothers credit:

Arancini Brothers

Arancini Brothers proudly serve authentic Sicilian, home-made risotto balls, sauces and sides. These delicious treats are 100% Plant-based and served with a range of tasty toppings in their signature loaded risotto ball pots.

Happy Maki, credit: Annmaki

Happy Maki

Happy Maki is all about freshly rolled vegan sushi. Bursting with fusion fillings, their futomaki rolls are super addictive, filling and healthy too. Happy Maki is a regular pop-up on our page, this is one of our favourite festival vendors on the circuit!

Greenbox, credit:


Greenbox was born from two friends on a search for an easily accessible plant-based option. They believe in sustainability and showing that mouth-watering, plant-based comfort food can be accessible to all.

Phung Kay, credit: Phung Kay Facebook

Phung Kay

Phung Kay was founded by two friends, Jade and Angela, who were united by a love for the flavours of their Chinese heritage. Named after their Chinese Names Phung and Kay, the duo veganised the food they grew up with, adding a delicious twist to a classic dish.

Froconut, credit: Froconut Facebook


Froconut create guilt-free frozen treats and indulgences that everyone can enjoy whilst being a little healthier too! They aim to bring fun into all their products whilst being kind to our bodies and the environment. This shines through in their signature ice cream alternative dish, the froconut.

Dosa Deli, credit:

Dosa Deli

Inspired by their annual travels to Southern India, Dosa Deli’s food is a blend of authentic flavours with a twist on the traditional. Their dosas are naturally gluten free, and nothing comes out of a jar, everything is hand-made, they even roast and grind their own spices.

Whole Food Heaven, credit:

Whole Food Heaven

Last but not least, Buddha Bowl, is lovingly made and very high quality; using unrefined, unprocessed ingredients and organic produce wherever possible.

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