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WoodWe, the latest and greatest skins.. And they’re wooden!

Their desire to build unique, stylish and natural protection for your most beloved iGoods stems from the complaints of our planets gadget lovers. The WoodWe team came together to produce a slim and sustainable alternative to those bulky unattractive cases that plague our tech-driven world.

Founded in 2015, this Lithuanian manufacturer is what you would call a ‘gem find’.

Now as you may already know, skins and vinyl wraps have been taking the internet by storm in the last couple of years. We are all guilty of spending a few too many afternoons watching those satisfying compilation videos on YouTube or cars being transformed by magical vinyl gradients.

After first discovering WoodWe earlier this year, I have been itching to get my hands on one of their wooden skins. They claim to throw away the rose-tinted glasses and instead view the world through an instagram filter, creating their products to ‘match instagram perfection.. in real life’.

“In a world that’s becoming more and more digital, stay in touch with nature… by touching nature in the palm of your hand.” – WoodWe


It has to be acknowledged that a lot of time and human effort has gone into every inch of design with this product. This is evident from the moment you lay eyes on the packaging. A high-quality, unique and eco-friendly design – that’s just the box! From the ink used to the interesting cutout, we are mightily impressed.


Now for the product itself. It. Is. Gorgeous. I have only taken my MacBook Pro to three meetings since applying the skin and it’s had everyone in that meeting envious each time. Everyone who has seen the skin has wanted one, making me think I’m in the wrong business!

When applying this product to my work device, I was rather nervous that the process would be fiddly and inaccurate. I was wrong! Within the ‘important documents’ docket they provide, is a written list of instructions on some high quality card.


If you prefer more of a visual aid, here is a video from WoodWe themselves!

The results were stunning, check out the final product below..


Register with as little as an email address and we will give you a unique 10%OFF code for WoodWe. Comment ‘I want WoodWe’.

We do not send out unwanted emails, we do not share your information.

We spoke to CEO Matas Pajarskas to find out what the future holds for WoodWe. Here is what he had to say..

Matas Pajarskas, 25 year-old CEO of Lithuanian company WoodWe.

What is WoodWe’s mission?

Our mission is to dress your device stylishly, naturally, and with unparalleled quality materials because we value the human need to stay in tune with both our natural world and your individuality.

What is WoodWe’s vision?

Our vision is a world in which sky-high quality products of our ever-changing technological landscape keep us ever-connected to the natural landscape outside the window—while fulfilling our human right to creatively express ourselves.

How would you describe your role at WoodWe?

My role is to be a company developer in many areas, from manufacturing and sales to team management. We are a young company and must create everything from scratch. I am always a solution seeker, challenge solver and business developer – it is hard but worth it.

Are the products made from real wood?

Yes, real wood veneer.

Are WoodWe’s products sustainable?

In one opinion yes – the products are suitable for long-term/permanent use, made from natural materials and the manufacturing process makes no damage to the environment. In other ways the products are not – we use wood, which is cut down. Next year however we are planning to give a portion of our profit for forest cultivation – buy one product, plant one tree etc.

Is WoodWe working on any new products?

Yes, we have projects in progress, which requires time to be implemented. But at the moment we are concentrating on current product manufacturing and development, this is enough work at the moment.

Check out the whole MacBook skin range here:

How are your products manufactured?

The WoodWe team celebrates being able to give you an opportunity to dress your Apple product authentically and naturally. All our products are made of natural materials. Wood, stone & rust veneers are just the beginning as we are constantly striving to improve product offering and keep up with what you guys demand from us. We get our veneers from US, Germany & Taiwan so it is a truly global phenomenon. Before we even start working with our materials we invest significant amount of time to inspect for any quality issues that our suppliers might have not accounted for. Next steps are extremely diligent and fun to do, it makes your product gentle, colourful & long-lasting. All the lacquering & impregnation is done in-house, the same goes for adhesive application, laser cutting and engraving. The final product is once again inspected for quality issues, cleaned, and polished. Finally, carefully packaged in a stylish box with some other treats & guarantees from us! Every single piece of wood is different & beautiful, every single cover we make tells us a story & we love it, it gives us drive to move forward, to keep surprising you. Thank you for taking the ride with us, it does truly… mean the world to us.

How long does it take to manufacture one WoodWe MacBook skin?

With material preparation, around 6-7 days.

If you weren’t doing this what would you be doing with your life?
Exploring the world. Especially areas with wildlife, would like to see animals and help them if needed. I would probably do some volunteering related to animals from time to time. Thus, I have many ideas related to NGO and Business, maybe I would implement them.

And now for the question we always ask..

If you could invite any three people for dinner, dead or alive, who would you invite and why?
Albert Einstein – to ask/see if he is smart due to natural circumstances or hard work and learning.
Elon Musk – to know how he manages to do everything.
Julius Caesar – to know how he was able to manage his empire without communication inventions like today.

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