Being Vegan This Christmas

The Christmas season is fast approaching and we are already dreaming of Christmas feasts galore! If there is one thing we all share, vegan and meat-eater, that's the widening of the belt over the Christmas holidays!

All of us here at Vegan Life&Living are super-excited to start sharing all things festive; it’s a great time of year for vegan goodies. We are going to share some of our favourite festive recipes that will make your non-vegan friends envious.

First up, we are going to tackle Christmas dinner. The almighty roast. Now, don’t panic, this is something you have plenty of time to perfect before Christmas Day!

No.1  One Badman Nut Roast

Walnuts 1
Ahh no, not a nut roast.. always with the nut roast! This is how I used to feel – that was until we created this badman nut roast recipe!

The Most Amazing Nut Roast

No.2  The Only Roast Potato Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Potatoes Street Food.jpg
If there is one part of Christmas we may liberate throughout the year.. Roast potatoes!!

What better than a crispy, fluffy potato with flakes of coarse sea salt. Our mouths are watering just thinking about the next roast potato fix.

Show Me The Potatoes

No.3  Vegan and Gluten Free Gravy

Woodfire cooking 1
Gravy you can make just about anywhere!

Start pouring the gravy.. and don’t stop.

There can never be enough gravy making it’s way around the dinner table, here is a great quick and easy gravy recipe to satisfy those gravy cravings this Christmas.

Recipe expired..

No.4  Caramelised Vegetables

Carrots 2
This is a recipe for those looking for something a little beyond buttered vegetables.

Although, if you are pressed for time [Christmas is chaotic, we understand] then a simple knob of butter with crack black pepper and sea salt is a classic!

Recipe expired..

No.5  Cauliflower Cheese

Cauliflower 1

The biggy; possibly the most crucial make or break roast component.. cauliflower cheese. Considered a little daunting to you new vegans, we are here to help with a no-fail cauliflower cheese recipe.

Recipe expired..

What’s For Dessert..

No.1  Mama’s Apple Crumble

Apples 3
You just can’t beat that classic apple crumble..

Apple Crumble came about during WWII when rations left the people of Britain with an involuntary need for innovation and ultimate frugality.

It’s all about simplicity.. let’s be honest through, it’s really all about that crumble topping!

Recipe expired..

No.2  Mince Pies

Christmas Mince Pies
If there are no mince pies, is it even really Christmas?

It can’t be Christmas without those Mince Pies.. It’s really up to you how you play this:

Option One: Make it all from scratch – you’ll need around an hour and forty minutes.

Option Two: Make the pastry, buy the filling – Cut your time to under half.

Option Three: Buy them – we would recommend Lidl’s own.

Recipe expired..

No.3  Dark Chocolate Orange Mousse

Dark Chocolate – One ingredient you will always find in our pantry!

Our luxurious, three-ingredient chocolate orange mousse is one very effective Christmas dessert. It really makes sense to have a fail-safe mousse recipe in your back-pocket for a rainy day.

Recipe expired..

It’s not Christmas without something to drink..

Christmas Cocktails 1

Vegan Life&Living cocktail recipes coming soon!

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